Hi, i'm Pelumi Oyesanya

I'm an idea person. I love coming up with ideas both big and small, and only recently started doing something about them. Life's too short to not take risks uno, plus i'm young so why not.


  • I'm currently working on Happiehive, and all other happie products.
  • I worked as a corporate communications associate for a year at IHS TOWERS which ended last year October.
  • Freelance web developer - Last thing i worked on was a couple of grant projects for Emeral City Dao for DAO tooling dapps on the flow blockchain from both Dapper Labs and Filecoin respectively.
  • Learning About

  • Prompt engineering (fancy way to just say optimized GPT usage)
  • Something new everyday. It can be something as little as a type of fish I never knew existed
  • Sales - completed a sales development representative course from SVAcademy and Salesforce november last year (2021)
  • Consumer behaviour - WTF do we buy what we buy and want what we want
  • Interests & Misc

  • Sales and Business Development
  • Artificial Intelligence, cool shit.
  • Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies
  • Music, very therapeutic. Listen to it while doing almost everything
  • I love watching movies when i have the time. Favourite movie is "The Prestige" (subject to change)
  • Currently watching Blacklist
  • Currently reading why things catch on by Jonah Berger
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